Understanding Contractor Web Design

Thought the Internet is now a feature of our everyday life, many facets of it are still poorly understood by many people. If you feel like you could use a better grasp on web design, this post will introduce and explain a few elements of effective contractor web design, that is website design for contracting professionals, like plumbers or electricians. You see websites all the time, and their design is a carefully orchestrated product to capture and funnel your attention. Here are a few things that web designers do to make that happen.

Keep It Simple – At every step of the way, a website needs to be comprehensible to anybody, even the lowest common denominator in the audience. This isn’t an exercise in dumbing it down. It means keeping everything from the writing to the navigation so simple that even a dog could get the gist of it. You don’t want to alienate any of your audience with clever design.

Direct Users’ Attention – People navigate to websites all the time, but getting them to click through to buy a product or contact you for a service is another matter. Website marketing copy frequently includes a call to action that directs users to a desired outcome. It’s almost always accompanied by a button or contact information. You can’t be too direct with website directions. Tell people exactly how to get what they want and they’ll reward you with money.

Leave Some Breathing Room – Don’t wallpaper your site with copy and graphics. Having some “empty” space translates to a less stressful experience for users. A bit of space can also draw attention to the important elements of your site design.

This is just the beginning to effective website design, something that designers spend their entire lives perfecting. You know the value of a trained and dedicated contractor – there is no substitute for someone who knows what their doing. Let us handle the web design and traffic building, so you can focus on all the business we’ll help you drum up. Give us a call and get started on building a strong online presence for your business.