Two Tips for Contractors on How to Save with Pay-per-Click

Here are two key tips on how to save money on your Pay-per-Click campaign.

1. Put your contracting company phone number in your Pay-per-Click ad. Some people will see your ad, call your number and never bother to click through to your website. There was no click, so you just got a call without having to pay Google.

2. Turn off the “Content” option on Google Adwords. Google Adwords places ads in two settings. Let’s say a searcher types in “plumber Topeka.” Google will show him thousands of websites about Topeka plumbers plus at the top and right side Adwords ads for Topeka plumbers. So far, so good.

You’ve probably also noticed lots of ads on webpages that you visit. Let’s say you surf over to a weather website for your city. While you’re looking at the forecast, you can also enjoy ads for wrinkle-removal cream, get-rich-quick schemes, etc. These are Google “AdSense” ads. They’re Pay-per-Click ads that Google thinks might interest you. The webpage owner has an AdSense deal with Google where money will flow to both the owner and Google each time a visitor clicks on an ad. Of course, the Pay-per-Click customer pays the bill.

In fact, this very thing happened to me when I first ran Pay-per-Click ads for my electrical company in Los Angeles. I was checking out the weather forecast when up pops a Pay-per-Click ad for my company, The Electric Connection. At first, I was thrilled. There was my company name for all the world to see. Then, I became curious. What was it doing right next to the weather forecast? Someone might click out of idle interest but how likely was it that they would be into hiring an electrician at that very moment? Then, I was furious! How did this happen?!

I found out that Google’s default setting is to put Adwords ads onto any webpage that it deems relevant, in this case the weather for my city. Google calls this the “Content” option. I was paying for those clicks. I immediately turned off the default Content option so that my ads ran only if someone expressed an interest in hiring an electrician by typing something like “electrician Los Angeles” into the Google search box.

You might think, who would click on an ad for an electrician when they were really looking for the weather? Could enough people looking for the weather click on your ad to really make a difference in the cost of Adwords? You’d be amazed.

You can look at the phrases that people have searched on before clicking on your ad. Your Adwords account provides this information for you. It tells you exactly what every searcher typed into Google just before they clicked on your ad. For my electrical contracting company, I’ve found that many searchers were looking for an electrician, but some were looking for an electric razor or a contractor’s license school. Those are clicks that aren’t going to turn into electrical work for my company.

I’ve found that turning off the Content option on Pay-per-Click ads saves me money on wasted clicks without causing a noticeable decline in customer calls from my Adwords campaigns.

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Kim Hopkins

CEO, HappyContractor