Updating Your Knowledge of Online Contractor Marketing

Quite a few people have unrealistic expectations of what effective online contractor marketing means. In fact, many people in the business of online marketing in general are operating on outdated ideas of what will yield good results with online marketing. We’ll cover a few of those obsolete ideas here. First, people still carry the idea […]

How Contractors Can Increase Website Traffic

Pay-per-Click advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the most effective ways for a contractor to bring visitors to the company website. But there are also smaller steps that are inexpensive and pretty simple which can support larger Pay-per-Click and SEO campaigns. They all follow the principle: Put your website address wherever you put your […]

SEO for Contractors – Basics of Backlinks

Once a contractor website has been optimized for search engines with on-site SEO, it’s time to show search engines like Google that the website is popular and relevant to lots of people on the Internet so that they will rank the website high on Page 1. This is done by off-site SEO. How Google Ranks […]

SEO for Contractors – 5 SEO Techniques to Avoid

There are many SEO techniques for speeding up the process of rising to the top of Page 1 of search engines like Google. All of these techniques involve telling search engines that the website is going to be useful to searchers. However, it’s important to avoid techniques which misrepresent a website to the search engines. […]