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Contractor Websites Can Enhance Search Engine Rankings with E-zine Articles

The more backlinks your company’s website has (links to your website from other websites), everything else being equal, the higher it will rank in search engines like Google. Obtaining backlinks is one of the tools of Search Engine Optimization. One way to obtain backlinks is to write articles and get them posted in e-zines. E-zines […]

Contractor Websites — the More Pages, the Merrier

You can have as many pages on your contractor website as you want. Like in any writing, you need to avoid clutter – words and images that dilute your message. But unlike in writing for newspapers and other print media, on websites, space is not at a premium. On websites, the more pages, the better. […]

How Contractor Websites Can Get Backlinks from Forum

You probably know that it will help the search engine rankings of your contractor website to have lots of links from other websites, in other words, “backlinks.” Each backlink is considered by search engines as a vote of confidence that your website has value for searchers. Backlinks can come from business directory websites like […]

How Search Engines Work

It’s an everyday miracle that you can type into a search engine like Google “plumber San Diego,” and the search engine will provide you with page after page of likely plumbing websites that you can click on. How does that happen? How does Google know that these are plumbing websites and that they operate out […]