Search Engine Optimization

Preparing Your Contractor Web Design

One of the first mistakes that many businesses make with contractor web design is that they just put up a web site without thinking it through first. How do you think it through? Taking a little time to brainstorm your target market and knowing how to reach them will help you make the most of […]

Making a Contractor Website Your Best Customer Outreach

Is your website helping you increase business? Is it the powerful tool you suspect it could be? Hopefully, you are able to answer yes to both of these questions. If not, then maybe we can offer you some clues as to why you’re not getting referrals and conversions from your website like you want. First, […]

Capitalizing on Contractor Web Design

At Happy Contractor, we’re fascinated by the potential of web design to expand your business. Depending on what you expect from your website, there are a few things that can really maximize the  effectiveness of your web site. Embedded Social Media – It almost goes without saying that you should establish some kind of social media presence. Make […]

Using SEO in Online Contractor Marketing

One of the best ways to get noticed online is through search engine opitmization (SEO), the practice of strategically placing keywords in your website to attract search engines. By changing the language of your website and its pages, you are able to attract specific types of readers to your page. In this case, it is […]

Contractor Websites Can Enhance Search Engine Rankings with E-zine Articles

The more backlinks your company’s website has (links to your website from other websites), everything else being equal, the higher it will rank in search engines like Google. Obtaining backlinks is one of the tools of Search Engine Optimization. One way to obtain backlinks is to write articles and get them posted in e-zines. E-zines […]

How Good Scheduling Can Help You Land More Contracting Jobs

Let’s say a customer has called you after a visit to your website. With a good website that reflects that your contracting company is honest, friendly, and competent, you’ve made the first cut. If someone in your office answers the phone within a couple of rings in a friendly and professional manner, the customer is […]