Should Contractors Use PPC?

In addition to offering internet marketing services and getting contractor’s websites seen organically, Happy Contractor also offers expert Pay Per Click services. We have been helping contractors maintain and manage their PPC campaigns for years. Whether you already have an AdWords campaign set up and running or you’re completely new to the service, contact us […]

Adwords — Questions and Answers

Question: I have been buying Adwords, but others seem to think I am wasting my money. I am on the fence. Are the ads worthless in my situation, or is it like the old “Madmen” adage that half of all advertising is a waste of money. The problem is not one knows which half…. ┬áIs […]

Two Tips for Contractors on How to Save with Pay-per-Click

In a recent article, I wrote about how contractors can save money on Pay-per-Click. Here are two more key tips on how to save money on your Pay-per-Click campaign. Put your contracting company phone number in your Pay-per-Click ad. Some people will see your ad, call your number and never bother to click through to […]

Construction Contractors Marketing with Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hello, I’m Kim Hopkins. In addition to HappyContractor, I own a 25-person electrical contracting company inLos Angeles, The Electric Connection. In 1995, I built my own electrical contractor website. Right away the website paid off because I was getting referrals from a home inspector. He placed a link on his website to mine […]