marketing for contractors

Internet Marketing for Contractors by Experienced Professionals

Contractors in any field are going to have a tougher time promoting their business on the internet simply because the field is saturated and for the fact that many people do not associate contractors with computers and technology. However, people rely on what they find on the internet to hire a contractor. Therefore, it is […]

Importance of SEO for Contractors

Phone books are a thing of the past in this digital age. In order to get ahead in any business, you need an attractive, well-designed website that will draw in potential customers. It is also just as important that the website is functional and is maximized for SEO or what is known as search engine […]

Will Flyers or Cold Calls or…Work for Your Contracting Company?

I’ve been running a contracting company in Los Angeles since 1979. Over the years, I’ve tried every form of advertising known to man or woman – postcards, cold calls, letters, flyers, etc. These pay off for some contractors, but usually only if they advertise big-ticket items like copper re-pipes or entire house rewires. The printing, […]