Internet marketing for contractors

How to Evaluate the Success of Your Online Contractor Marketing

You already know how important online contractor marketing is for the success of your business, but how much time do you spend measuring the success of your marketing efforts? Opinions are divided about the best way to measure the success of online marketing, but authorities agree that measurement is crucial. You’ll never know how your […]

Using Social Media for Contractor Marketing

It might not seem obvious to you, but social media holds powerful marketing potential for the savvy contractor. We’ve put together a quick guide for how you can use social media to get the word out about your business. Here are some tips: Establish Your Presence –¬†One of the rules for using social media is […]

Elements of Effective Online Contractor Marketing

Contractors all over the country are discovering just how powerful online contractor marketing is for increasing their business. The Internet is no longer reserved for e-commerce. As you create an online marketing campaign, we recommend that you include the following elements on your website. Contact Information – This should be one of the first things […]

Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes with Online Contractor Marketing

Online marketing, including contractor marketing, is a relatively new medium and is rapidly evolving on a daily basis. Staying on top of the latest developments in the field is a difficult task. However, best practices are now well honed. It’s important to get familiar with them and learn to not make the following mistakes. Assuming […]

The Internet is the Future of Contractor Advertising

While print advertising is still huge, the advent of smartphones is changing the way people look for information and services. Instead of looking in the phonebook, people search the Internet to find area contractors to meet their needs at home. A good advertising campaign takes this into account, and uses the power of the Internet […]

The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Contractors

The days of looking up a contractor in the phone book are over. People reach for the Internet, with focused searches on their exact needs. Opportunities for intelligent and experienced Internet marketing for contractors have never been higher. At Happy Contractor, one of the major tools we use to get you noticed is your company […]