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Is CraigsList a Source of Contractor Customers

Question: Is CraigsList a good way to find customers for my contracting company?              Answer: It depends on the type of customer that you’re looking for. CraigsList is available in many areas of the country. The rules for users and the fees vary depending on your area. In Los Angeles, […]

Why Quality Contractors Benefit Most from a Website

Customers looking for contractors on the Internet are often more upscale than those who are looking off the Internet. Upscale Internet customers are often looking for quality when they look for a plumber, electrician, or other type of contractor. This is the first cut — does the website show the contractor to be honest, friendly, […]

Real Estate Websites Can Send Visitors to Your Contractor Website

Hello, I’m Kim Hopkins, owner of HappyContractor. I also own an electrical contracting in Los Angeles. I use the Internet to generate customers for my own contracting company, which allows me to try out approaches that might also pan out for HappyContractor clients. When I built our first contracting website in 1996, it got lost […]