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Standing Out Against the Competition with Your Contractor Advertising

In the brick and mortar world of home improvement and contracting, there are many who feel that advertising on the Internet (or advertising at all) is a waste of time. For some companies, this strategy might work. Particularly the small, single man operations that thrive on a series of small jobs accrued through word of […]

The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Contractors

The days of looking up a contractor in the phone book are over. People reach for the Internet, with focused searches on their exact needs. Opportunities for intelligent and experienced Internet marketing for contractors have never been higher. At Happy Contractor, one of the major tools we use to get you noticed is your company […]

Angie’s List Can Generate Jobs for Your Contracting Company

Angie’ is a great contractor referral resource available in a number of large cities across the country. It provides a company “report card” so that homeowners and businesses  can find good local businesses. The homeowners and businesses pay a small annual fee for the privilege. Angie’sList provides recommendations on all types of contractors including electricians, […]

The Hidden Problem of Contracting

Millions of contractors share a problem. It’s so common that to many contractors, it’s just something they think they have to live with. It no longer even occurs to them that they can do anything about it. It hides in the corners preventing them from making a good profit. What is this problem? NOT ENOUGH […]

Contractor Marketing on the Internet — 3 Good Reasons to Do It

1. Your new customers are looking for you on the Internet Each year more and more customers who in the past would search for contractors in the Yellow Pages are now searching for them on the Internet. By 2008 Internet searches have pulled ahead of print yellow pages as the main way customers search for […]