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Avoiding Missed Opportunities in Online Contractor Marketing

At Happy Contractor, we understand just how disorienting the world of online marketing is to many contractors. Which is why we’re here to guide you through the process. Whether you’re a Happy Contractor partner or you’re just looking to increase your online presence, it’s important that you avoid missing marketing opportunities. Here are a few of the […]

Using Content for Contractor Marketing

Anybody familiar with the online marketing of the past would be surprised to look at the present day marketing trend of marketing content. What’s the big deal with content? Content is just Internet jargon for information, but not all information is content. Content includes blogging, which is a big part of what we do at […]

How to Evaluate the Success of Your Online Contractor Marketing

You already know how important online contractor marketing is for the success of your business, but how much time do you spend measuring the success of your marketing efforts? Opinions are divided about the best way to measure the success of online marketing, but authorities agree that measurement is crucial. You’ll never know how your […]

The Internet is the Future of Contractor Advertising

While print advertising is still huge, the advent of smartphones is changing the way people look for information and services. Instead of looking in the phonebook, people search the Internet to find area contractors to meet their needs at home. A good advertising campaign takes this into account, and uses the power of the Internet […]

The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Contractors

The days of looking up a contractor in the phone book are over. People reach for the Internet, with focused searches on their exact needs. Opportunities for intelligent and experienced Internet marketing for contractors have never been higher. At Happy Contractor, one of the major tools we use to get you noticed is your company […]

Your Contractor Website Can Protect You from Unprofitable Customers

Your contractor website can not only attract quality customers, it can blow off customers who will nickel and dime you into unprofitability. Some customers are looking for low prices at the expense of quality. If your company focuses on high quality work, it’s not a good match with this type of customer. If they don’t […]