Happy Contractor sets up your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign to save you money and generate more customer calls with these strategies:

1. Service Area Analysis – Analyze service areas in which you wish to attract customers.

2. Market Analysis – Analyze the “hot buttons” that attract your type of customer.

3. Keyword Analysis – Analyze keywords that customers type into Google to find you.

4. Create Hot Button Ads that appeal to your type of customer in your service areas. Based on the marketing analyses we’ve done in Steps 1-3 and our years of Pay-Per-Click experience, we design a Google Adwords campaign that attracts customers to your website.

5. Organize Ads into groups (Adgroups) for more effective management.

6. Set Bids and Budgets – Google Adwords‘s price for each ad is set by auction. Based on the overall budget that you set for your Pay-Per-Click campaign, we will set your bids to favor the best positioning of your ad on the Google page.

7. Create “Negative Keywords” list to avoid unproductive clicks. Here’s an example of how Negative Keywords can save you money. Let’s say you’re an electrician. You want people to click on your ad for electrical services but not if they’re aspiring electricians who have typed in electrical training. You don’t want your ad to show up for them – surprisingly often people will click on ads just because they’re available to click on. We list training as a Negative Keyword so that your ad will come up only for people who are likely to pay for your services. Other clicks just run up bills.

8. Create Correct Settings – Correct settings can boost customer calls while preventing charges for unwanted clicks that will not result in jobs. Correct settings are needed to avoid placing your ads on irrelevant Internet pages. For example, we changed the settings on one contractor’s ad so that it no longer came up for searchers looking for weather reports in his town. Google had determined that his ad was relevant to “weather report,” but it was just inviting unproductive clicks (and charges).

In addition, with correct settings, your ads will appear only during the times of day that your business is available to receive customer calls. We’ve found that correct time-of-day settings can create large savings for you.