SEO for Contractors – 4 Keys to On-Site SEO

Twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, search engines like Google send out electronic “spiders,” little software programs. Their job is to look at all the websites on the Internet, and then report back what they have learned about these websites. The search engine gathers all this information together and feeds it into complex computer formulas (algorithms). These formulas tell it, for example, which websites are relevant to the search term plumber San Francisco and which are relevant to the search term kittens in Chicago.

If a website is called “San Francisco’s Plumber” and has text about plumbing, pipes, drains, rooting as well as an address in San Franciscoand a number of other mentions of this city name, it will be considered much more relevant to the search term plumber San Francisco than to the search term kittens in Chicago.

On the other hand, a website called “Cat Adoptions in Chicago” that has text and photos of kittens, cats, tabbies, and calicos and lists an address in Chicago won’t be considered relevant to the search term plumber San Francisco. It will likely rank high if someone types in kittens in Chicago.   

How On-Site SEO Is Done

Proper on-site SEO requires:

  1. Knowledge of the search terms (such as plumber San Francisco) that potential customers are most likely to type when looking for a business like yours,
  2. Text and images that the search engine will consider relevant to those search terms and at the same time will invite customers to call you,
  3. Programming techniques that make these website text and images readily visible to spiders, and
  4. Programming techniques which communicate the relevance of the website directly to spiders beyond the text and images visible to visitors.

Ideally, much on-site SEO would be done as a website is built. However, the SEO of existing websites can be improved at any time to raise the site’s rankings in search engines. Click here for more about an SEO program which includes on-site and off-site techniques designed to let the search engines know about this content so that they will rank the website high on Page 1.