Things to Remember When Designing a Contractor Website

Website designers know a few things about how to make a website more than just a few pleasing graphics and nice fonts thrown together with its own personal web address. So many ideas and strategies go into everything from the color chosen, to the placement of words on a page and the color of those words, as well. When designing a contractor website, there are a few things to keep in mind to maximize your presence on the web.

It’s All About the Visuals

Professional website designers are trained to know every little nuance in regards to visuals. They know how to emphasize important information with larger graphics and different colors, as well as what works best for your target demographic. Your website is a large component of contractor marketing, and you need someone who knows how to put the site’s best face forward.

Streamline Choices

Another important component of contractor web design is choice control. When people have too many choices, they are more likely to choose nothing at all. This is also known as Hick’s Law. If you offer an abundance of services and tons of information on your webpage, it is crucial to make sure that it is well organized and categorized, so that services related to the customer’s need are easy to find and that they are not bombarded with large amounts of unwanted extra information in the process.

Use Advertising Wisely

Your website is a very important part of contractor advertising, as well. You want both your present and future customers to be reached with the information they need, and also be stirred by a call to action. Offering some sort of incentive to contact your business, whether a free consultation or 10 percent off of services, will really boost customer contact. Suggesting they share your page with a friend for an incentive will also assist with your company’s advertising.

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