Real Estate Websites Can Send Visitors to Your Contractor Website

Hello, I’m Kim Hopkins, owner of HappyContractor. I also own an electrical contracting in Los Angeles. I use the Internet to generate customers for my own contracting company, which allows me to try out approaches that might also pan out for HappyContractor clients.

When I built our first contracting website in 1996, it got lost in the back pages of Google. In those days, the term “Search Engine Optimization” hadn’t even been invented. So, in the early years, the website got very few visits from searchers on search engines.

However, from the beginning the website paid off. One of the first ways that I got visitors to the website was by referrals from other websites. Here’s an example of how this works. A realty company with which we’ve had a longtime relationship has a page on their website for referring their customers to home improvement contractors. They list us as one of their recommended electricians. We get a few visits to our website every month from this referral page, which means a job for us now and then.

This was pretty simple to set up. We checked out their website, saw the referral page and asked to be listed. We filled out a profile of our company and provided a link. We provide customers with high quality service and good value and keep our company name bright and shiny with the realty company and their customers.

You can check out whether realtors or contractors that you work with have a website that refers visitors to home improvement websites like yours. Or you might find that you can create a listing on a referral page of a website for your local chamber of commerce or other local business directory.

Referrals from other websites can provide a trickle of customers to your company and are not to be laughed at. However, you can generate a much larger stream of visitors by boosting your website to the top of Google with Search Engine Optimization.

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Kim Hopkins, CEO