Why Quality Contractors Benefit Most from a Website

Customers looking for contractors on the Internet are often more upscale than those who are looking off the Internet. Upscale Internet customers are often looking for quality when they look for a plumber, electrician, or other type of contractor.

This is the first cut — does the website show the contractor to be honest, friendly, and competent? Most upscale Internet customers won’t bother with issues of price until they are attracted to the contractor by quality. A good website of a quality contractor will show customers that he is —

1) Honest – Customers must feel that they can trust the contractor to do the promised job at the promised price. The contractor’s website can’t make him look like a rip-off artist who promises Low Low Prices and disappears in the night.

2) Friendly – the customer must feel that the contractor is going to be helpful, like a neighbor or friend. The contractor’s website must use cheerful colors and friendly language rather than seek to impress or intimidate with “black and steel” High Tech graphics and technical jargon. Home Improvement tips also create a friendly and helpful feel.

3) Competent – The customer must feel that the contractor will do the job right the first time and enhance rather than damage their home or business. The website makes the contractor look competent if all parts are working, all the photos display correctly, the text is clear and grammatical (but informal and friendly), and everything seems logical.

A key aspect of a logical website is that similar parts are grouped together. For example, descriptions of services offered are grouped in one easily-found location and the home improvement tips in another.

Once an upscale customer is persuaded by the website to call the contractor, the customer will often be focused on the quality of the job and the convenience of scheduling. The customer will likely to be willing to pay a slightly higher price for these. This allows quality contractors on the Internet to operate with a higher profit margin. A website that shows that the contractor will do quality work can attract the kind of customers that help to create a profitable company.

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