Your Contractor Website Can Protect You from Unprofitable Customers

Your contractor website can not only attract quality customers, it can blow off customers who will nickel and dime you into unprofitability. Some customers are looking for low prices at the expense of quality. If your company focuses on high quality work, it’s not a good match with this type of customer. If they don’t appreciate the quality of the job you give them, they may feel ripped off by your prices. Working with customers who want to cut corners can be frustrating, and your prices will be under constant pressure.

You can avoid customers who are looking for bargain basement prices by steering clear of words like “low low prices” and “free” on your website. This is my experience with the website I’ve designed and maintained for my electrical contracting company in L.A. since 1996. It does offer free over-the-phone estimates and also coupons, but they’re not its main focus. The main focus is on our testimonials, our Better Business Bureau rating, and awards.

We try to strike a balance of appealing to a customer’s desire for quality while also making it possible for him/her to get to know us without risking a lot of money.

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Kim Hopkins, CEO