What is Pay-Per-Click?

Have You Tried Pay-Per-Click Before Without Good Results?
Happy Contractor can Save You Thousands on Pay-Per-Click

Once you have a great website, you’ll need to attract customers to it. If you’re in an urban area, even with a lot of expert work, getting to the top of the Internet search engines can take a few months.

There is a way that search engines will deliver customer visits to your website within 24 hours. You can place a paid ad for your business at the top of Page 1 of Google and Yahoo. This kind of advertising is called PPC.

Paid Ads on Page 1 of Google (called “Adwords“)

pay per click for contractors

Paid Ads on Page 1 of Yahoo (called “Search Marketing“)

Making Pay-Per-Click Profitable for Contractors

Likely, you’re already familiar with Pay-Per-Click advertising. Google calls it “AdWords.” Yahoo calls it “Search Marketing.” Your company is charged a fee if a searcher clicks on the ad to see your website.

If you’ve tried Pay-Per-Click, but it hasn’t given you a good Return on Investment (ROI), you’re not alone. Many contractors have found that PayPerClick can give weak results while costing way too much. However, with our own contracting company and other contractors across the country, we’ve been able to successfully lower the cost of generating customer calls.

Click here for how you can save thousands of dollars a year on Pay-Per-Click. If you currently have a Pay-Per-Click campaign, we’ll be happy to give it a free evaluation. Call us at 800-990-5811, 8-5 Pacific Time.

Jump-Start Customer Calls with a HIGH ROI Pay-Per-Click Campaign

With expert management, your Google AdWords account will give you calls from new customers and a good Return on Investment. If your website is not yet at the top of the search engines, Pay-Per-Click is your tool for jump-starting customer calls. Your company earnings should cover many times over our monthly management fee of $250 a month.

Call 800-990-5811 for a Free Consultation on Pay-Per-Click

Call us at 800-990-5811 (8-5 Pacific Time) for a free consultation to determine whether Pay-Per-Click will give you a good Return on Investment. If you already have a Pay-Per-Click campaign, we’ll be happy to give you a free evaluation as to your potential for increased customer calls and cost savings.