Your Local Business Listing = More Customer Calls

When customers search for a local contractor, a page like the one below will come up. Below is an image of Page 1 of Google when a customer types “electrician in los angeles” into the search bar. If you look at the labels on this image, the search engine page displays Paid Ads, Local Business Listings of nearby contractors (along with a Map showing where they’re located), and a free listing of websites called “Organic Listings” or “Natural Listings.

This article is about local business listings, natural listings, and Local Search Services offered by Happy Contractor. For more information about paid ads, click on Pay-Per-Click.

In this image, a company called The Electric Connection ranks both as #A in the local business listings and #1 in the natural listings. This enables The Electric Connection to show up in two different places at the top of Page 1. This is an ideal situation for a contractor website because it creates the highest possible visibility, generating more customer calls.

contractor website listing on local search

Local Business Listings on Page 1 of Google when searching for
“electrician in Los Angeles”

The second image below shows another format that Google currently uses to display local business listings. In this image, the local business listings and the natural listings are combined. The Electric Connection again ranks as both #A in the local business listings and #1 in the natural listings. It’s again at the top of Page 1 of Google, an ideal situation of high visibility for a contractor website.

It’s important to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for both the Local Business Listings Map and for the natural listings because SEO Services for the map and for the natural listings work together. SEO for the Local Business Listings Map will tend to push your site higher in the natural listings and vice versa. In other words, being “A” on the map will help you Rank #1 of the natural listings and ranking #1 on the natural listings will help your website to rank “A” on the local business listings map.

contractor marketing with local business listing

Combined Local Business Listings and Natural Listings on Page 1 of Google when searching for “electrician Los Angeles”

Pushing a Local Business Listing to the Top of the Search Engines

Search engines don’t charge companies for a local business listing. But in larger urban areas, getting on the map on Page 1 and then climbing to the top requires SEO. The first step is to open a local business account on each search engine — Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This means filling out information about your contracting business — contact info, your services, and so on. However, typing in this company info isn’t enough to rank on Page 1.

Happy Contractor supplies each of our contractor clients with customer reviews, photos, and video for their local business listings. If you don’t have these yet, we will help you obtain the customer reviews and photos and will supply the video ourselves. As another key to high rankings, Happy Contractor builds links from relevant websites to your local business listing.

Local Business Listings Gives a High Return on Investment

Some Internet marketing companies don’t provide local listings for their clients because they don’t realize their importance. These companies haven’t caught up with rapid changes in how search engines are handling local business listings. Now, local listings for contractors are essential for high rankings of natural listings.

Local business listings provide a high Return on Investment because they boost your ranking in the natural listings and, in some cases, give you a second opportunity to appear on Page 1.

SEO is not a one-shot proposition. Search engines develop trust in the value of your website over a period of months. In addition, in larger urban areas, competitors are using SEO to try to push past your listing to the top of Page 1. Our SEO program enhances your listing and brings more links to it month by month so that it will climb to the top and stay there.

Call 800-990-5811 for a Free Consultation on Your Local Business Listing

Call 800-990-5811 (8-5 Pacific Time) for a free consultation on your local business listing. If you haven’t opened local accounts on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, we can give you an estimate of how long it might take your local listing to rank on Page 1. If you already have a local business listing, we’ll be happy to evaluate it for you.