Updating Your Knowledge of Online Contractor Marketing

misc_photos (71)Quite a few people have unrealistic expectations of what effective online contractor marketing means. In fact, many people in the business of online marketing in general are operating on outdated ideas of what will yield good results with online marketing. We’ll cover a few of those obsolete ideas here.

First, people still carry the idea that stuffing websites with keywords will attract search engines. Those days are long gone. Google algorithms have been updated several times to value quality over quantity. So, stuffing your website full of keywords related to your business will actually hurt your search engine rankings. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect SEO. It’s still important but using it wisely is crucial.

In the same vein, it is often thought that more content is equivalent with more traffic. This strategy was prevalent on the Internet for many years and led to a cluttered waste of content across the Web. Now, Google is able to vet the quality of your content, so thorough, quality content wins out every time. If you have the choice to spend money on fewer entries of quality content, you’ll find greater rewards than by putting out lots of content.

One of the biggest mistakes that many developers and marketers make is expecting overnight success. The Internet is a crowded place, and getting a toehold takes some time. If you show up frequently, with good content, you will eventually see positive results.

Online marketing can mean greater levels of success, but you probably don’t have time to give it the attention it deserves. You’re out there, building your good name and giving outstanding service to your customers. Don’t stop that. But do think about working with someone that knows online marketing just as well as you know your field. We can help you make that quality, consistent effort that it takes to increase your web visibility and get more work than ever before.