The Internet is the Future of Contractor Advertising

While print advertising is still huge, the advent of smartphones is changing the way people look for information and services. Instead of looking in the phonebook, people search the Internet to find area contractors to meet their needs at home.

A good advertising campaign takes this into account, and uses the power of the Internet to reach customers. Unfortunately, the Internet is a crowded place, and there are many contractors that are aiming to get the word out about their services too.

It’s not enough to have a webpage these days. New practices, like search engine optimization, establish what page gets the highest results on search engines, particularly Google. In the past, pages were able to get to the top of the list by having the right search engine optimization of their content, meaning Google recognizes a certain concentration of keywords to gauge how valuable a page is.

It wasn’t long before companies were flooding the Internet with pages stuffed with keywords that provided no actual benefit to customers, though they did draw a lot of traffic. Now, content is just as important as SEO.

A contractor advertising page with valuable content draws customers, who soon look to the page as an authority in its own right. One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is by publishing information that people are looking for in your field. If you’re the best contractor in your field, you can show that by publishing authoritative content about your field.

Which is where Happy Contractor comes in. We know that you’re not in the business of publishing content and that’s why we can help create a webpage and advertising campaign that includes valuable content. We’re here to help build that rapport with your audience, so you can keep building your business with your customers. Get in touch with us so we can show you how we help you reach out to more customers than ever before.