Internet Domination Multiplies Your Customer Calls

Once you’re at the top of the search engines, you’ve accomplished Phase 1 of bringing Internet customers to your company. Phase 2 is INTERNET DOMINATION!

Internet Domination” means that whenever an Internet customer looks for your trade in your service area — there’s your website. A contracting company which achieves Internet Domination receives a high proportion of all Internet customers in its service area, maybe 40% or 50%. Internet Domination can be accomplished with expert Search Engine Optimization (SEO) implemented consistently month by month.

Top of Google Rankings for Many Keywords

You can see how this works if you search on the main keywords for finding an electrician in Los Angeles. Type into Google: electrician Los Angeles, Los Angeles electrician, or electrician in Los Angeles. An electrical contracting company that we own, The Electric Connection, comes up in one of the top three ranks (just below the paid ads with the pale pink background). The websites in the top three ranks receive 63% of the clicks and ten times the number of clicks on a paid ad — searchers put greater trust in free listings.

That’s Phase 1 — getting to the top of the search engines. Read on for how Internet Domination works.

If you type into Google: home rewire Los Angeles, upgrade panel Los Angeles, whole house surge protector Los Angeles…, our website, The Electric Connection, will again come up at the top of Google, just below the paid ads. These searches are on “long-tail keywords.” Long-tails are more specific than the main keywords like electrician Los Angeles. Very often customers who type in long-tails are very ready to buy.

Top of Google Rankings for Many Towns

There’s another part to Internet Domination — expanding the number of neighborhoods and cities that your website is SEO’d for. For example, Joe’s Plumbing in Boston might serve many neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and nearby towns like Cambridge. Expert SEO can extend Joe’s reach so that a customer who searches on plumber Beacon Hill will find his website just like the customer who searches on plumber Boston. This brings in many more customer calls.

SEO Generates Momentum

If you persist with expert SEO Services, month by month, your reward will be more appearances at the top of Page 1 and more and more customer calls. Good SEO targets additional keywords that will bring in the most and best customers and the largest and best towns.

Here’s the beauty part — the search engines will help you along. As your website gets more visits, the search engines put more trust in it as an “authority site.” They tend to feature your site even when searchers type in keywords that your website isn’t yet optimized for.

For example, a general contractor with a great website and consistent SEO program may appear on Page 1 of Google when a customer types in home improvement contractor even though his website hasn’t been specifically optimized for these keywords. Google’s computers have figured out that general contractors do home improvements.

Expert SEO depends on an understanding of how your contracting company can expand its reach. It also depends on staying on top of the rapidly changing world of the Internet and search engines. Done well, SEO can result in Internet Domination and a swelling stream of customer calls.

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