Contractor & Home Inspector Websites Will Send Visitors to Your Website

In addition to running HappyContractor, I’ve been running of 25-person electrical contracting company in Los Angeles for over 30 years. One of our most significant sources of new customers is websites that refer customers to us. I’m not talking about websites that generate and sell leads. We’ve not had very good results from these. But we have had good results from the websites of a number of other types of companies, for example, other contractors and home inspectors.

We work closely with a particular home inspection company and a particular general contractor. Both list us on their websites as a recommended electrical contractor and also provide a link to our website. Their website visitors regularly click through to our electrical contractor website and then ask us to do work.

If you have contractors whom you work with regularly, find out if any have a contractor referral page on their website. If so, ask if your business website link could be added to their referral list. If you provide referrals on your website, you can return the favor.

The type of exchange of links I’m talking about is a sensible business strategy and is not an “SEO trick.” While search engines may look dimly upon a website that has large numbers of link exchanges with companies unrelated to their line of work, a small number of link exchanges with companies that you work with should help your search engine rankings. Of course, many contractor websites will not ask that you provide a link in exchange.

Occasionally a contractor or home inspection company might want to charge you a fee for being listed on their website. If it’s a big company with a lot of visitor traffic, it might be worth giving it a try at least for a limited time.

Referrals from other websites is one way to drive traffic to your website. Another is boosting your rankings on the search engines so that your website shows up at the top of Google. Click here for information about search engine optimization for contractors.

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Kim Hopkins, CEO