The New Frontier of Contractor Advertising

You’ve probably heard the story about how the Internet changed the world. That includes the same world that contractors work and live in. The face of the industry has changed dramatically and continues to change at an accelerating pace. The way that people find, vet, and choose contractors for all their jobs is rapidly evolving. What does this mean for contractors?

  • A contractor that wants to get the largest market share possible needs to establish a presence on the Internet. Looking up a contractor in the phone book has quickly been replaced by doing an Internet search from a laptop or mobile device. If you’re not visible on the Internet, you’re invisible to a large portion of your potential clientele.
  • Smart contractor advertising can get you even greater results than just putting up a website. That includes SEO content, frequent blog updates, and content targeted at your local market. This helps keep you on top of the search results for those people and connects you with prospective clients.
  • Word of mouth is still a highly relevant form of advertising! People don’t exist solely inside their computers. They still talk to each other and take the recommendations of friends and family very seriously. A strong web presence never excuses poor performance on the job site, so you can still make valuable connections by doing the outstanding work you’re known for.

If you are interested in being a part of the new and profitable wave of Internet contractor advertising, give us a call. We can help you build that web presence with targeted SEO, blogs, a custom-built website, and much more. All that should lead to more calls, more work, more word of mouth, and of course, more money. Let us show you the difference that a contractor advertising contractor can make for your business.