How to Evaluate the Success of Your Online Contractor Marketing

You already know how important online contractor marketing is for the success of your business, but how much time do you spend measuring the success of your marketing efforts? Opinions are divided about the best way to measure the success of online marketing, but authorities agree that measurement is crucial. You’ll never know how your investment is helping your business without analyzing a few metrics.

First, it’s important to set a measuring stick for your success and then decide what metrics you’ll look to determine that success. For instance, are you content with getting many followers to your social media? Some businesses prefer to not include that metric, since the conversion for social media is generally not that good. Somewhere in the realm of two percent and below of your social media followers are going to become customers.

One of the easiest ways to measure the success of your online marketing is to poll customers and find out where they are hearing about you. But that still doesn’t tell you how many visitors you’re getting. WordPress sites include many handy metrics. If you don’t find the numbers you’re looking for, consider augmenting the website with WordPress plugins to give you the data you need in the digestible format of your choice.

Checking your web rankings is also a very illuminating way to measure your online presence, but it doesn’t tell you the entire picture. Some very authoritative websites have low search engine rankings. They may rate better for some search terms than others.

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