Elements of Effective Online Contractor Marketing

Contractors all over the country are discovering just how powerful online contractor marketing is for increasing their business. The Internet is no longer reserved for e-commerce. As you create an online marketing campaign, we recommend that you include the following elements on your website.

  • Contact Information – This should be one of the first things people see on your website. Place it “above the fold,” meaning readers shouldn’t have to scroll down to search for your information. Most people don’t look below the fold, so you can increase revenue by making your contact information easy to find.
  • Call to Action –  Though you have your information where people can see it, they don’t always act with that information. If you tell them how and why they should use the information you give them, you’ll see more business.
  • Engaging Content – Customers call you because you’re the expert and can do things that they’re not prepared to do. That gives you a position of authority in your field. People look to you as an expert, so demonstrate that expert knowledge. Explain things that people want to know, that will benefit them. When it comes time to call a plumber, they remember that you are sharing your knowledge and educating the public.
  • SEO Keywords If customers can’t find you on the Internet, they can’t take advantage of your content or get your contact information, or even act on your call to action. SEO keywords are the way that Google and other search engines find your site. If you’re an HVAC expert, you need to have enough mentions of “HVAC” so that Google finds you when a customer is looking for your services.

Happy Contractor takes all these practices and puts them in action for you. We understand the ins and outs of Internet marketing like you understand the intricacies of contracting. We’re here to help you build your online presence and your business.