Contractor Websites Can Enhance Search Engine Rankings with E-zine Articles

The more backlinks your company’s website has (links to your website from other websites), everything else being equal, the higher it will rank in search engines like Google. Obtaining backlinks is one of the tools of Search Engine Optimization.

One way to obtain backlinks is to write articles and get them posted in e-zines.
E-zines are on-line magazines that contain page after page of articles on a variety of subjects. If you search Google for “how to get rid of fleas,” for example, very likely an article on fleas in an e-zine will come up.

Here’s an example of how you can use e-zines to accumulate backlinks. Let’s say you’re a plumber. You or someone you hire could write an article about preventing clogs in household drains. Then, you could submit the article for publication in an e-zine. At the end of the article, the e-zine will allow you to provide a brief description of the author and a link to your website. This can be a valuable backlink to your website because it appears in an article relevant to plumbing.

E-zines vary in quality and, accordingly, their backlinks are granted more or less value by search engines. Among e-zines that cover a wide variety of subjects, is considered the most desirable to receive backlinks from. If you type into a search engine a phrase like “best e-zines,” you’ll be able to quickly find a current list of the ones considered highest quality.

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