Contractor Website Design to Attract Customers

Some contractor websites are effective in getting customers to call, some aren’t. Here’s how effective contractor websites are designed.

Friendly and Professional 

Once a contractor seriously discussed with me the idea of creating a skull and crossbones logo for his website. He thought it would look cool. Maybe. But this type of “cool” doesn’t appeal when a customer is thinking of inviting a contractor into their home. They want friendly and professional.

Here are the elements that spell P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L:

  • Friendly, attractive colors and layout
  • Well-written text with no misspellings or grammar errors
  • Well-designed navigation so the visitor can easily find what they want to click on
  • Everything on the website works — no technical glitches

Technical glitches are more common than you might think. Recently, a contractor asked me to review his current website and give him feedback. It functioned perfectly in the Internet Explorer browser but didn’t show up correctly in the Firefox browser. Other common technical glitches include broken links and photos that don’t show. Checking to make sure everything works is critical to good website design.

Slow loading time is another type of technical glitch. The visitor waits (or leaves) while the website loads. Technical problems, excess animation, or a multitude of photos can slow it down. Your website should work fast and perfectly in all browsers. If your website displays competence and quality, it tells the customer that you care about quality and will give them a quality job.

Your Services and Service Area Are Clear

Ever land on a website and wonder what it’s about? A visitor who has to click around before they can figure out if they’re in the right place may just surf away. Let your visitor know immediately which trade you offer in which city. Let them know which specific services you offer, including whether you offer emergency services, and other key bits of information. Tell your customers that they’re at the right place to get the services that they need.

Attractive to Your Kind of Contracting Customer

Do you want high-end residential customers? Then, the focus of your website shouldn’t be on low prices but on your high level of service.

Do you want commercial customers, too? If you want commercial in addition to residential, you’ll need a page or a few pages designed specially for businesses and general contractors. These pages should have a more business-like feel and should include a client list and photos of some of your projects.

Call to Action

Visitors are more likely to call if you ask them to. Asking them to take action is your “call to action.” It’s a basic principle of advertising that you need to include a call to action. Tell your visitors to call and give them the phone number. Visitors may prefer e-mailing after hours, so give them a form for e-mailing.¬† Also spell out your complete e-mail address for their records

A Good Contractor Website Pre-Sells Your Customer

If your website does its job properly, by the time a website visitor contacts you, they should be 90% sold on the idea of hiring your company. Your website can work for you even while you’re sleeping and, in addition, can save you time on the phone with a pre-sold customer.

Call 800-990-5811 to Discuss Your Website

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