Is CraigsList a Source of Contractor Customers

Question: Is CraigsList a good way to find customers for my contracting company?

             Answer: It depends on the type of customer that you’re looking for.

CraigsList is available in many areas of the country. The rules for users and the fees vary depending on your area. In Los Angeles, CraigsList allows businesses to post free ads with links to their websites. The ad runs for a day and then needs to be re-posted, which, fortunately, is quick and simple.

However, the results from CraigsList may be minimal. You might also find that the calls from CraigsList are from customers who are doing a lot of bargain hunting for the best price rather than for high quality. When you’re starting out as a contractor, this might work fine for you. Larger companies with more overhead may not find this to be a profitable approach, however.

Even if CraigsList doesn’t turn out to be a good source of customers for your contracting company, it may be an excellent way to find new employees. In L.A. help wanted ads cost a small fee. However, it’s an advantage that they can be posted immediately, and we find that the ads generate many calls from potential employees.

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