How Contractor Websites Can Get Backlinks from Forum

You probably know that it will help the search engine rankings of your contractor website to have lots of links from other websites, in other words, “backlinks.” Each backlink is considered by search engines as a vote of confidence that your website has value for searchers.

Backlinks can come from business directory websites like and MerchantCircle, the website of your local chamber of commerce, the website of a general contractor that you work for, and so on. Another source of backlinks is from forums.

 Forums are websites where people with similar interests can join in discussions. For example, on, electricians can discuss the best ways to lay wire or get new customers. They type in messages that are posted on the forum website for other electricians to read and reply to.

Each time you post a message in a forum, you’ll leave a “signature” at the end of your post which can include a User Name of your choice and a link to your company website. Many forums set their programming so that these are “no-follow” links. This directs the search engines not to count them as backlinks. This is done to discourage participants from “spamming” — writing useless forum posts solely to obtain the value of the backlinks to their websites. However, no one knows if search engines fail to count no-follow links. In any event, you can also participate in forums which allow “follow” links.

Participating in forums on your trade about subjects that you’d like to know more about has value in itself. If you can also obtain backlinks for your website, that’s icing on the cake.

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