Good Contractor Websites Blow Off Bad Customers

If you have a handsome, well-organized, and friendly contractor website, it will appeal to the kind of customers that you want – the kind who are organized enough to tell you exactly what they need, are at-home when their  job is scheduled, and pay their bills on time.

It may seem surprising, but I’ve found it to be true that a well-designed website will screen out the very customers that you don’t want. Customers who are disorganized or dishonest will become uncomfortable with the aesthetics, orderliness, and competence of your website and will leave without calling you. Imagine being in dirty, tattered rags and knowing that you’re not respectable. This type of person is not going to feel comfortable entering a clean, efficient place of business nor calling one with a clean, competent website.

If you’ve been in business for long, you know how much wasted time and money a disorganized or dishonest customer can cause. The disorganized customer isn’t there when your journeyman arrives to do the scheduled job, forgets to tell you a key piece of information, and loses your invoice. The dishonest customer just doesn’t pay it.

If your website is designed with aesthetics, friendliness, and competence, it will attract the kind of customers that you will work for without grief and at a profit.

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Kim Hopkins, CEO