Why Your Contractor Website Should Appeal to Women

About 60% of the customers who call our electrical company in Los Angeles are women. (In addition to working with contractors across the country to get their websites to the top of Google, we at HappyConractor have run our own contracting company for over 30 years.)

Even in commercial construction, it’s often a woman looking for a contractor. She may run her own contracting business or work for a property management company or in the office of a general contractor.

With homeowners, frequently the first call is from the wife. Once she’s looked through contractor websites and found someone she thinks will work out, she may turn him over to her husband. Often, the husband is the one who will discuss the job and the price with the contractor. So, you’ll increase your calls from customers if your website attracts both men and women.

At HappyContractor we design websites that appeal to both men and women — whether it’s for electrical and HVAC contractors, plumbers, general contractors, or other contractors. Our designs have been created by a team that includes both men and women.

HappyContractor websites feature a friendly, professional look. We stay away from the black and chrome “techie” look. No skull or crossbones or motorcycle themes. Marketing studies have found that friendly faces on a website are liked by both men and women, so we include photos of the contractor’s staff as well as stock photos of friendly tradespeople.

Click here for more information about websites designed by HappyContractor and here to see sample websites that we’ve designed for contractors around the country.

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Kim Hopkins, CEO