Production – Getting the work done

After a contractor has successfully sold a job the next step is to deliver the product or service that the customer bought. A successful contracting company must be able to do two things:

  1. Provide a quality product or service that will make the customer happy. This will result in the contracting company getting repeat and referral business. Quality work done in a timely manor is the best and least expensive kind of promotion.
  2. Do #1 above in a way that costs the contractor less than what he/she is paid by the customer. The result is profit to the contractor.

There are countless ways for a contractor to do quality work and countless money-saving tips on how to get jobs done efficiently. Entire books have been written on these subjects, which is great because I’m not going to cover these subjects in any detail here. I just want to make the point that for a contracting company to be successful it must not only attract customers and then sell products and services, it must also deliver to the customer a quality product and in a way that is enjoyable to the customer.