Contractor Marketing with Powerful Content

If you’ve payed any attention to the state of modern online marketing, you might have heard of content marketing. We certainly talk about content frequently on this blog. What is the best content to put out there?

Essentially, you want to publish the most engaging content for your customers. You speak to them every day, so take the time to make small talk and get to know them. Take notes about their questions and what they’re interested in. Compile a list of these topics and specific words to consult when you sit down to creating content.

Knowing what customers want to hear is only part of the battle. You need to have good information to give them and know how to deliver it. First, the information. You are probably an expert in your field already, so share that knowledge that makes you such a good contractor. You don’t have to share everything you know about your area of expertise. Customers can only appreciate the parts they can understand, so keep it simple for them. They’ll appreciate simplicity, since it sounds like you’re talking on their level.

How do you deliver the information? There are many choices for content delivery, and at Happy Contractor, we focus on blog posts and website content, but there are yet other ways like videos and podcasts to get the word out. No matter how you do it, you’ll get the best results when you create content from a place of honesty and experience. Don’t be afraid to inject a little personality and talk about the things that you see and hear while you’re working. The realism is visible from a mile away and helps people connect with you as more than a contractor.

One of the best solutions for contractor marketing is the services of Happy Contractor. We know marketing, just like you know contracting, so letting us handle the message is a good way to focus on business while we help get the word out about your work. Call us so we can start working together on a stronger business!