Contractor Marketing on the Internet — 3 Good Reasons to Do It

1. Your new customers are looking for you on the Internet

Each year more and more customers who in the past would search for contractors in the Yellow Pages are now searching for them on the Internet. By 2008 Internet searches have pulled ahead of print yellow pages as the main way customers search for businesses and services.

Since the Internet is now the top way consumers look for local businesses, if a contractor wants to be successful in attracting new customers to their company, then Internet marketing must be a major part of their marketing strategy.

2. Internet customers are better customers

Internet users are some of the most qualified and motivated customers that contractors can hope to find. On average, they are smart, good communicators, and are ready to make a quick decision about choosing which contractor to hire to get their job done properly.

Statistically, Internet users enjoy a higher income – and a higher income lifestyle – than non-Internet users. They generally are quite willing to pay a contractor 10% to 15% more for a job, provided they feel the contractor is honest and competent and can get their job done in a time period that meets the customer’s scheduling needs.

3. Internet marketing will dominate contractor marketing in the future

In the ten years from 1999 to 2008 the Internet grew from having almost no market share to eclipsing all other forms local businesses advertising. This trend is projected to continue well into the foreseeable future. Contractors who embraced Internet marketing early are now reaping the financial rewards of having an increasing numbers of potential customers finding their contracting company on the Internet.

The bottom line on Internet marketing is that Internet customers have money, they’re ready to buy and they could be your customers. Today any contractor who seriously intends to attract a large quantity of new customers must be ready to embrace and utilize Internet marketing and all the potential marketing benefits it holds.

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