Referral websites

Real Estate Websites Can Send Visitors to Your Contractor Website

Hello, I’m Kim Hopkins, owner of HappyContractor. I also own an electrical contracting in Los Angeles. I use the Internet to generate customers for my own contracting company, which allows me to try out approaches that might also pan out for HappyContractor clients. When I built our first contracting website in 1996, it got lost […]

Contractor & Home Inspector Websites Will Send Visitors to Your Website

In addition to running HappyContractor, I’ve been running of 25-person electrical contracting company in Los Angeles for over 30 years. One of our most significant sources of new customers is websites that refer customers to us. I’m not talking about websites that generate and sell leads. We’ve not had very good results from these. But […]

Angie’s List Can Generate Jobs for Your Contracting Company

Angie’ is a great contractor referral resource available in a number of large cities across the country. It provides a company “report card” so that homeowners and businesses  can find good local businesses. The homeowners and businesses pay a small annual fee for the privilege. Angie’sList provides recommendations on all types of contractors including electricians, […]