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The Catch to Pay-per-Click and How Contractors Can Get Around It

Google calls it “Adwords.” Yahoo calls it “Search Marketing.” Pay-per-Click is paid advertising on search engines. On Google, Pay-per-Click ads show up in the top three ranks on a Google page (with a light pink background) and in the right-hand column. Click here for more of the specifics of how Pay-per-Click works. For contractors who […]

Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work for Contractors?

This article is about the experience of contractors with Pay-Per-Click ads — do they pay off? If you’re a contractor who has had an experience with Pay-Per-Click, I’m interested in how it went for you.  These days, most homeowners and businesses look for electricians, plumbers, and other home improvement contractors on the Internet. Gone are […]

Construction Contractors Marketing with Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Hello, I’m Kim Hopkins. In addition to HappyContractor, I own a 25-person electrical contracting company inLos Angeles, The Electric Connection. In 1995, I built my own electrical contractor website. Right away the website paid off because I was getting referrals from a home inspector. He placed a link on his website to mine […]