Website Design

Preparing Your Contractor Web Design

One of the first mistakes that many businesses make with contractor web design is that they just put up a web site without thinking it through first. How do you think it through? Taking a little time to brainstorm your target market and knowing how to reach them will help you make the most of […]

Adding Value to Your Contractor Website

At Happy Contractor, we’re always looking for ways to enhance your web advertising so you can increase your business and serve your customers better. To that end, we like to help you add value to your contractor website. The term value added gets thrown around a lot and here we’re going to look at ways […]

Should You Do Your Own Contractor Web Design?

Every year, the technology for individuals with no previous training to design their website gets a little more accessible and user-friendly. The advertising for them claims that you can have a website up and running in mere minutes, and with relatively little effort. But is that the truth? There is no doubt that you could […]

Capitalizing on Contractor Web Design

At Happy Contractor, we’re fascinated by the potential of web design to expand your business. Depending on what you expect from your website, there are a few things that can really maximize the  effectiveness of your web site. Embedded Social Media – It almost goes without saying that you should establish some kind of social media presence. Make […]