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How Good Scheduling Can Help You Land More Contracting Jobs

Let’s say a customer has called you after a visit to your website. With a good website that reflects that your contracting company is honest, friendly, and competent, you’ve made the first cut. If someone in your office answers the phone within a couple of rings in a friendly and professional manner, the customer is […]

Is CraigsList a Source of Contractor Customers

Question: Is CraigsList a good way to find customers for my contracting company?              Answer: It depends on the type of customer that you’re looking for. CraigsList is available in many areas of the country. The rules for users and the fees vary depending on your area. In Los Angeles, […]

How Your Blog Boosts Rankings of Your Contractor Website in Search Engines

Creating a blog about your trade can increase the rankings of your website in search engines like Google. Blogs can provide informative articles so that visitors can learn about your trade. They can increase the number of links to your website. Both help your rankings. The word “blog” is short for “Web Log” and is […]

Why Your Contractor Website Should Appeal to Women

About 60% of the customers who call our electrical company in Los Angeles are women. (In addition to working with contractors across the country to get their websites to the top of Google, we at HappyConractor have run our own contracting company for over 30 years.) Even in commercial construction, it’s often a woman looking […]

Angie’s List Can Generate Jobs for Your Contracting Company

Angie’ is a great contractor referral resource available in a number of large cities across the country. It provides a company “report card” so that homeowners and businesses  can find good local businesses. The homeowners and businesses pay a small annual fee for the privilege. Angie’sList provides recommendations on all types of contractors including electricians, […]

Adwords — Questions and Answers

Question: I have been buying Adwords, but others seem to think I am wasting my money. I am on the fence. Are the ads worthless in my situation, or is it like the old “Madmen” adage that half of all advertising is a waste of money. The problem is not one knows which half….  Is […]