Internet Marketing & Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing for Contractors by Experienced Professionals

Contractors in any field are going to have a tougher time promoting their business on the internet simply because the field is saturated and for the fact that many people do not associate contractors with computers and technology. However, people rely on what they find on the internet to hire a contractor. Therefore, it is […]

The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Contractors

The days of looking up a contractor in the phone book are over. People reach for the Internet, with focused searches on their exact needs. Opportunities for intelligent and experienced Internet marketing for contractors have never been higher. At Happy Contractor, one of the major tools we use to get you noticed is your company […]

Why is SEO for Contractors so Important?

While most contractors know that contractor marketing is crucial to their business, they may not know how vital SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a part in having a successful web presence. SEO for contractors uses strategic keywords to move your businesses page up towards the top of the list of search results. There are a […]

Social Media and Professional SEO Expands Contractor Marketing

As a small business owner, you know how crucial advertising and contractor marketing is to your business. Word of mouth referral is one of the best ways to build a growing customer base, but in this day and age, word of mouth should actually consider being renamed as “word of social media.” Many people now […]

Strategic Points for Maximizing Internet Marketing for Contractors

The skilled trade industry can no longer advertise the way it did a decade ago. Sure, ¬†Betty Smith can tell her next door neighbor, Tim, about the excellent service she received from the plumbing company that fixed her leaky faucet, but Tim is still going to do research before giving that said plumber a call. […]

Key Tips on How to Make Your Contractor Website User Friendly

When a potential patron is in search of a contractor that is suited to their needs, they almost always turn to the internet. In today’s market, they may be flooded with information, and it is essential that you are applying the best design and marketing available to target your key demographics. ¬†Web Design Your website, […]