Capitalizing on Contractor Web Design

At Happy Contractor, we’re fascinated by the potential of web design to expand your business. Depending on what you expect from your website, there are a few things that can really maximize the  effectiveness of your web site.

  • Embedded Social Media – It almost goes without saying that you should establish some kind of social media presence. Make sure that access to your social media is clear and simple for your audience. You might not be a fan of social media, but your customer base might love being connected to your efforts.
  • Contact Information – Your phone number shouldn’t be squirreled away in some forgotten corner of your website. Get it out there where customers can see it. People don’t have the patience to find these things and many people don’t even look “below the fold,” or the lower boundary of the first screenful of web page that they see. Which brings us to a good point….
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward – Your most important information, like what you do and where you operate belong above the fold on the first page your visitors see. You already know they’re not likely to stick around, so get the message across quickly.
  • Give ‘Em Something to Remember – Some people really do want to spend some time with your website so give them something worth reading. Pages that detail each of your services with compelling photos are a good place to start. Another option?
  • Blog – A blog is a good way to share information about a subject that you are an expert at or to let your customers in on the workings of your business. We like to use it to establish your expert authority on a subject.
  • Optimized Text – Whatever you put on your website, it pays to make sure the language is search engine optimized (SEO) so that search engines find it easily. We do careful keyword research to discover the best combination of keywords to attract your potential customers.

Web design probably isn’t your specialty. You already have a specialty in your field. Let us handle the contractor web design while you focus on providing the best possible service you can. Together, we can do great things for your business.