How Your Blog Boosts Rankings of Your Contractor Website in Search Engines

Creating a blog about your trade can increase the rankings of your website in search engines like Google. Blogs can provide informative articles so that visitors can learn about your trade. They can increase the number of links to your website. Both help your rankings.

The word “blog” is short for “Web Log” and is a type of website. The idea is that someone who is interested, for example, in politics might regularly post on their blog website a “log” of their comments on the political scene.

Let’s say that you’re an HVAC contractor. You could create a new blog website and post home improvement tips that homeowners might find useful. Visitors could read your tips and comment on them.

Would visitors really comment? In our experience, yes. We own a sister company to HappyContractor, an electrical contracting company in Los Angeles. We post a blog article on an electrical topic every couple of weeks and usually get a comment or two on each article. (We get a lot of spam comments, too, but that’s life on the Internet. We delete these comments.)

Each tip adds original, informative content, which makes your site more impressive and valuable to visitors and also to Google. With every tip, you could include a link to your company website that would add to its backlink count. If you’re really lucky, and especially if you write well and humorously, visitors will occasionally re-post your article on their website, giving you a new link from another website.

Alternatively, you could add a blog page to your existing website. Even though the blog is part of your own website, Google would still look favorably at links from it to other parts of your website. While these “internal links” don’t have the value of links from other websites, they contribute to your rankings. Google prefers websites with a lot of good original content that is interlinked so that visitors can easily expand their knowledge.

At this time, Google seems to be assigning a high value to blog posts, so it’s a particularly good time to try out blogging.

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Kim Hopkins, CEO