Avoiding Missed Opportunities in Online Contractor Marketing

At Happy Contractor, we understand just how disorienting the world of online marketing is to many contractors. Which is why we’re here to guide you through the process. Whether you’re a Happy Contractor partner or you’re just looking to increase your online presence, it’s important that you avoid missing marketing opportunities. Here are a few of the biggest missed opportunities in any online marketing campaign:

  • Using Social Media with a Robot Voice – If you’re just using social media to sell units or repeat stale facts without personality, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to develop a human connection with your fans or possible customers. Let your individuality shine through and inject a little humanity into your social media for increased engagement.
  • Your Marketing Doesn’t Educate – One of the biggest changes that online marketing has created is that people are now looking to companies like yours to educate them. If you’re not sharing information and enriching the life of your customers, then you’re missing an opportunity to fill a very special role in their lives. Use your marketing to show your customers and fans that you are an expert in your particular subject.
  • You Show Up Infrequently – An all-too-common for some marketers is that they think they have to do it all; blog posting, Tweets, Facebook updates, maintaining a website….. Keeping up with it all is a challenging job and marketers get burned out before they even really get started. It’s much better to choose a marketing plan that includes just a few elements and then keep a regular schedule with blog posts and social media, for instance. A regular presence in the mind of your customers is much more important than the scale of your efforts. A quick and informative blog post every other week is much better than a short novel at infrequent intervals.

If this all seems like a distraction from doing the business that you are known for, it might be time to consider working with an online contractor marketing firm. We have all the tools to get you noticed on the Internet and turn that exposure into sales. Give us a call to stop missing these online opportunities today.