Angie’s List Can Generate Jobs for Your Contracting Company

Angie’ is a great contractor referral resource available in a number of large cities across the country. It provides a company “report card” so that homeowners and businesses  can find good local businesses. The homeowners and businesses pay a small annual fee for the privilege. Angie’sList provides recommendations on all types of contractors including electricians, plumbers, HVAC contractors, kitchen and bath remodelers, etc.

A contractor’s report card on Angie’sList is based entirely on detailed reviews by your customers who are also paying Angie’sList members. Your company’s grade will control your ranking on the Angie’sList contractor list for your trade.

Angie’sList customers often look for high quality as well as good value. At my electrical contracting company (the sister company to HappyContractor), we usually find Angie’sList customers to be both profitable and a pleasure to work with. Our staff are well aware that our company will be graded on the Angie’sList website and that we need to take extra care that customers are completely satisfied with our work. With the rare difficult customer, this can mean really bending over backwards. We monitor customer reports on Angie’sList and if there are any problems, do whatever is necessary is resolve the issue. We treasure our “A” grade as a profitable asset.

If Angie’ is available in your area, start by finding out if your company already has a listing. This can happen if one of your customers is also an Angie’sList member and wrote a review for you. Call Angie’sList to find out. If you’re not already listed, you can register and provide a description of your company for free.

Angie’sList also offers paid advertising for companies that meet their advertising requirements. We find their ads to be cost-effective.

Referrals from websites like Angie’sList can provide a small but steady flow of customers to your company. You can generate an even larger additional stream of visitors by boosting your website to the top of Google with Search Engine Optimization.

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Kim Hopkins, CEO