Adwords — Questions and Answers

Question: I have been buying Adwords, but others seem to think I am wasting my money. I am on the fence. Are the ads worthless in my situation, or is it like the old “Madmen” adage that half of all advertising is a waste of money. The problem is not one knows which half….

 Is it possible that the Adwords are helping my organic placement? Is it possible that Adwords enhance my “impressions” because people see my ad “three” times on a page….

Any insight would be very appreciated!

Question #1. Are the Ads worthless?

Answer: There are several ways to know if you’re getting calls from your Google Adwords. For example, there are Internet-based companies which allow you to assign 800 numbers to specific ads. When customers call in on a specific 800 number, you’ll know which ad they’re responding to. This will tell you which phrasing generates calls, and you can even listen to the recorded calls to see whether these calls resulted in work.

Question #2. Is it possible that the Adwords are helping my organic placement?

Answer: Not directly. Google says that they don’t count their own links from Adwords as in-bound links that help your website ranking. But, of course, they do count the number of people who visit your website, and some of these people also bookmark your website address, both of which can be helpful in Google’s evaluation of your website’s “relevancy.”

Question #3. Is it possible that the Adwords enhance my “impressions” because people see my ad more than one time on a page.

Answer: Yes. A study was done a couple of years ago showing Pay-Per-Click ads increased the likelihood that searchers would click on a website in the organic listings. The more someone sees your company name and website address, the more “credibility” your company is going to have.

Bonus Tip: Put your phone number in all your Adwords ads. A certain percentage of people just want to call an electrician as soon as possible and will notice your phone number and call your company without even clicking on your ad. This not only saves you the cost of the click, but these kind of people are almost always ready to hire your company immediately for work.

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