Will Flyers or Cold Calls or…Work for Your Contracting Company?

I’ve been running a contracting company in Los Angeles since 1979. Over the years, I’ve tried every form of advertising known to man or woman – postcards, cold calls, letters, flyers, etc. These pay off for some contractors, but usually only if they advertise big-ticket items like copper re-pipes or entire house rewires. The printing, postage, and labor costs of this type of advertising are too high if they attract mostly service call customers.

If you’re wondering whether to try any of these types of advertising, let your competitors test them for you. For example, if you’re considering an ad in a pack of coupons, see if any of your competitors are in the pack and what they’re offering. If none are and the pack has been around for a while, that’s a tip-off that it hasn’t paid off for others. If a competitor offers a coupon, find out if there are a number of mailings that the advertiser must commit to. Then check later mailings to find out the longevity of your competitor’s coupon.

These types of advertising may pay off in some parts of the country for contractors who specialize certain types of jobs. In Los Angeles, where my bread and butter is service calls, I haven’t found that they pay. Our website is our major source of new customers, bringing in over one quarter of our workload. Click to find out more about contractor websites.