Designing Websites for Contractors – Three Roads to Your Customer

What Makes a Good Contractor Website?

The main purpose of a good contractor website is to get potential customers, after looking at the website, to call your company. The better your website is at doing this, the more customers will call you. It really is that simple. But simple isn’t necessarily easy. What, exactly, goes into the kind of website that will attract a large number of customers to your company?

If you look at some of the websites that we’ve designed, you can judge for yourself what makes a good contractor website.

What I Learned About Websites as an Electrical Contractor

In addition to running HappyContractor, I’ve also owned a contracting company in Los Angeles since 1979. I designed its website in 1995. After surveying thousands of customers over the years, I’ve found that customers are attracted to contractor websites in three ways:

  1.  Emotion
  2. Aesthetics
  3. Logic

About half of all customers respond most to emotion. Car companies have figured this out. They often focus on how others will admire you when you drive up in your shiny new car. Life insurance companies focus on sad-faced, helpless children. Beer companies focus on how the good times will roll, and so on.

Contractors can’t offer good times, but they can create a website that’s warm and inviting. Photos can be of smiling families in cozy homes. The color scheme can be warmed up with touches of red, orange, and yellow. Text can be friendly and conversational. The positive emotions that such a website generates will influence most customers, but particularly those who base decisions largely on emotion.

Other customers, about 30%, are particularly sensitive to the aesthetics; the handsomeness of the site. They prefer contractor websites that have a harmonious color scheme, well-designed lay-out, and attractive typefaces. Of course, most customers respond well to a good-looking site. But 30% are particularly affected by aesthetics and will consider this factor very important in their decision to call you.

About 20% of customers put more emphasis on logic than the other two factors. For these visitors, make sure that you provide clear, informative, and detailed information about your services. While some contractors might wonder if anyone is going to read website text, this 20% will read at least some of it. They will want to know if you know what you’re talking about, whether you use the latest technology of your trade, and so on.

Each Page of Your Website Must Appeal to 3 Types of Contracting Customers

Each webpage on your site must appeal to all three types of customers. It must create a feeling of warmth and friendliness, look attractive, and provide high-quality, informative text. Your website should be a giant funnel which draws visitors deeper and deeper to the same place. That place is a place in their mind where they make the decision to call you, or e-mail you, or run down to your office and beg you to do all of their work forever…. Perhaps I went a little bit overboard on that last sentence? Anyway, you get the idea.

The website for my electrical company, TheElectricConnection, is designed to appeal to all three types of customers. It’s a successful website that has helped our company grow to its current size of 25 employees. At HappyContractor, we design websites for contractors all over the country based on these design principles. Click here to look at several of these contractor websites.

If you would like a free evaluation of your current website or would like to talk about what kind of website will work best for your contracting company, please give us a call at 800-990-5811 between 8-5 Pacific Time.