Is PPC Worth It?

Some contractors have tried Pay-Per-Click but with a disappointing Return on Investment. They didn’t receive many calls from customers or it was just too expensive. If you’re in that camp, you’re right, it can be disappointing! But it is possible to get an excellent Return on Investment with PayPerClick.

As the owners of Happy Contractor, we also own a 25-person contracting company. Before our contractor website was at the top of Google, Pay-Per-Click was an important source of customer calls. In the early years, Pay-Per-Click was cheap. This turned out to be too good to last. As the price of each click rose, we had to continually experiment with and adjust our account settings to make sure that we minimized the cost per click and maximized the number of customers.

Maximize Clicks by QUALIFIED Customers

The bottom line with Pay-Per-Click advertising is that you must maximize clicks by qualified customers, and minimize clicks by unqualified customers. “Qualified customers” means people who are ready and able to hire your company.

We manage Pay-Per-Click campaigns for contractors across the country and routinely save them thousands of dollars a year.

When we set up a Pay-Per-Click account for you or revise your existing account, we use Google AdWords marketing information to learn the words and phrases (“keywords”) that customers type in when they’re looking for your trade in your service area. We write appealing ads so that the ads show up, ready for clicking, when customers are looking for your trade.

Cut Wasted Clicks

We also instruct Google not to show your ads to people who might carelessly click on them (on your dime) when there’s no chance that they’re going to become your customer. For example, if you’re an electrician in Kansas City, people in New York City looking for an electrician won’t be shown your ad. If it’s midnight and you don’t do emergency work, people looking for an emergency plumber won’t be shown your ad.

The unhappy fact is that if people are shown an ad, some tend to click, even when it isn’t really what they’re looking for.

Month by month, we study how customers are responding to the ads and refine them for higher customer appeal. At the same time, we watch for any wasted clicks and give AdWords regular instructions which continue to cut waste to the bone.

Our Incentives Are Aligned with Yours

Many Pay-Per-Click management companies charge you higher fees for higher Google bills!

Their fee is a percentage of your Google bill for Pay-Per-Click. These management companies may also lead clients to believe that their Google bill benefits from a special low rate (while not disclosing the bill). In fact, Google charges everyone the same.

With Happy Contractor, you’ll always see your Google bill, and we don’t benefit in any way if it’s large. Instead, we earn our way by minimizing it. We charge a set small monthly fee of $250 a month that you’ll earn many times over from the customers that you’ll receive from Pay-Per-Click.

Call 800-990-5811 for a Free Consultation on Pay-Per-Click

Call 800-990-5811 (8-5 Pacific Time) for a free evaluation of your existing Pay-Per-Click account. We’ll suggest ways that you can save money. If you don’t yet have a Pay-Per-Click account, call for a free consultation on whether Pay-Per-Click will get you customers within 24 hours with a good Return on Investment.