Contractor Website – Design & Construction

Contractor Website – Design & Development

Contractor Websites Designed for Customer Appeal

If you need a new website or a re-do of your existing site, Happy Contractor will design it for maximum customer-appeal and usability. Having been in the contracting business for over 30 years and in Internet Marketing for 15, we understand the psychology of customers who visit contractor websites.

Before we design your website, we’ll ask you about your company and the type of customers and jobs that you find most profitable. For example, one electrician might want panel upgrades and house re-wires and another, service calls. One plumber might specialize in copper re-pipes, another might want to focus on emergency drain and sewer clogs. Whatever your trade, our website will be designed for your type of customers and jobs.

Search Engine-Friendly Websites with Built-In SEO

Our goal for you is to get your website to the top of Internet search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. So, we build your website to appeal to search engines as well as customers.

We start with an analysis of the search terms customers use to find companies like yours. We feature these search terms (keywords) on your website pages. We also provide MetatagsAlt-tagsLink anchor text, and other technical information to highlight aspects of your website not visible to human visitors but readable by search engines. We also double check the programming of the site (code verification) and provide special instructions for search engines (sitemaps) so that they can easily find and read every page.

Again, to appeal to search engines as well as customers, we provide many informative articles about your trade. For an HVAC contractor, for example, one of the pages might be on the recommended maintenance schedule for A/C and furnaces. We carefully copyedit each page — spelling and writing quality are as important to search engines as they are to customers.

Existing Website Re-Design for SEO

If you already have a website, but it’s not yet at the top of the search engines, we can give it an SEO re-design. Many websites that look good to humans have not been designed with an eye to search engines. We’ll keep the parts you like, add customer appeal and usability if needed, and add the SEO to be top-of-Google material. We utilize WordPress Websites as a CMS for all our client’s websites.

Your Website Is Top-of-Google Ready

These steps give you a relevant, informative website that Google, Yahoo, and Bing will want to push to the top of Page 1. Many of our clients in small towns rise to the top of Google solely due to their website. They often need no further SEO. In larger urban areas with more competition, a monthly SEO program is needed. However, the SEO-ready website we build will give you a website ready to reach the top.

Call 800-990-5811 for a Free Website Consultation

Call 800-990-5811 (8-5 Eastern Time) for a free consultation, to look over sample websites, and discuss which type you prefer for your company. If you already have a website, call for a Free Website Evaluation. Or click on sample contractor websites to look through some of our live websites at your leisure.