The Benefits of Internet Marketing for Contractors

The days of looking up a contractor in the phone book are over. People reach for the Internet, with focused searches on their exact needs. Opportunities for intelligent and experienced Internet marketing for contractors have never been higher.

At Happy Contractor, one of the major tools we use to get you noticed is your company blog. Attracting search engines with well-researched and popular search terms helps us attract traffic to your company. Well-placed links send customers back to your landing page, where they find your contact information. They are just a few finger strokes away from calling your for help

It takes more than SEO to attract traffic and build customer loyalty. Happy Contractor packs your blog with engaging, informative content that establishes you as an expert in your field, in your area. This isn’t just grandstanding: nobody knows the business in your area better than you. We just help you show the rest of the world.

What makes the blog content so powerful? It’s more than advertising copy. Blog content is powerful when it enriches customer understanding of the work you do. People are curious, and they reward you for being the authority on the subject by returning to your blog when they have a question. Who are they going to call when they need a hand with their plumbing, electricity, or heating? Hint: Not Ghostbusters.

Some contractors worry that they’re giving away business with their content. If customers have the knowledge, why would they call a contractor? Don’t worry. You still have the knowledge, experience, and tools that only professionals carry. Your blog is a chance to show why it is important to hire a pro, even as you explain central heating. Customers don’t have the time to deal with these issues. Contractors do. Use your blog to attract traffic, educate customers, and convert clicks into sales. That’s the power of the blog.

You aren’t in the Internet marketing business though. Consider Happy Contractor to be your Internet marketing solution to get you to the top of search engine results. Call to see what we can do for you.